kitchen repairs and replacement, South Vancouver Island


"Excellent value and courteous customer service!"


"The Kitchen Doctor answered our reno needs and more! It was like having two jobs done at once: an uninstall to prepare for new cabinetry in the basement suite, and getting instant upgrades in our laundry room and garage by re-purposing the cabinets."

Shawnigan Lake

 Nice meeting with you today Mark. Very professional and courteous. 


Thank you so much, Mark, for repairing my kitchen cupboard doors. We were living with open cupboards for months before I found you. I am pleased with how efficiently you worked. I have not seen that with others I have had build kitchen cabinets for me.

L. Duncan


"We were impressed at how quickly and cleanly our old cabinets were removed and repurposed. I appreciated the Kitchen Doctor's simple solutions, making for a swift process." The T Family

  I recommend this business. Mark repaired my kitchen cupboards.

L.K. Duncan